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Why us? A few thoughts...
If YOU are a farmer, a stockholder, a small producer or even feed producer, you are in the right place!  

WHO WE ARE? Your problem solvers! Veterinarians, breeders, technologists who develop new and new products, suplements, to meet your needs. We listen to you and your livestock problems and we try to resolve them! 

WHAT do we offer? Effective problem-solving supplements, complementary feeds. For that, we use natural solutions, natural activ ingredients, essential oils and herbs.
Our products are classified in two category, depending on their destination and rate of mixing into the feed or drinking water of animals:extensive products, destinated to smaller farms, free, extensive exploatation sistems, and intensive products, to be used by feed producers, and big industrial farms. swine and poultry feeding programs offers you a real solution to prevent and treat the digestive affections of all categories of ages.
We hope you find among our products the problem-solving supplements, complementary feeds you need.

* V závislosti od produktov od obchodného partnera sa môžu konkrétne vyplatené provízie/ odmeny líšiť. Za údaje na tejto webovej stránke neručíme.